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Yachting and Sailing Articles

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The Evolution Of The Yacht

Yachts have developed exceptionally for the reason that dutch yacht growth of the 1600s. Yacht comes from the dutch phrase


Yachts in the Present Day

A chief change observable nowadays over yachts from masses of years in the past is theyíre no longer simply crusing boats ñ they


Superyacht Boom

A superyacht is predominantly described as a luxurious yacht this is over 24 metres in duration. Luxurious yachts are very pricey


Million-Dollar Holiday

The tale of shahid khanís new 312-foot kismet starts with an auspicious twist of fate. Whilst shahid khan ordered his first kismet


On board one of the world’s most expensive charter yachts

Khan, who arrived from pakistan as a teen to wait the college of illinois, personifies the american dream with a tale that transcends


KISMET Visits London

In october, kismet cruised up the thames to the tower bridge to avail herself to the world in london. She hosted an incredibly


Hakvoort Shipyard Feature

The storied hakvoort shipyard is located in monnickendam, holland and has come to symbolize an industry popular in first-rate


Carbon Fiber Yacht Construction. Is It The Future

It commenced its upward push to prominence within the aerospace enterprise within the fifties as it allowed for air and spacecraft


Carbon fiber is a material which is being used increasingly for military, civil, motorsport, competition sport and consumer product applications with each passing year.

The preliminary outlay for this new generation of superyachts may be larger than required for a vessel of comparable size and


Interview with Yacht Broker Robert Moran

What he remembered most ñ ìthe stink of fish and diesel that took your breath awayî ñ changed into sufficient to remove any


Romantic notions of a career

What commenced as a ladsí summer season jaunt was becoming a career, and shortly rob become lower back inside the united kingdom


Of course, I needed to portray a busy, professional office to potential clients

ìof path, i needed to painting a hectic, professional workplace to capacity clients. I would solution the phone with an american accessory


Engelberg – the Life Aquatic

The personalized confined editions amels a hundred and eighty is an captivating mixture of electricity and practicality with stunning


A high tech bridge featuring the very latest technology ensures maximum safety and efficiency.

While the yacht is not a custom construct, some of the stunningly exceptional functions and creative details seen at some stage in


Colourful sculptures of glass and stunning artworks were the vision

Itís when you step aboard, but, that you absolutely appreciate that the proverbial ësatan is within the elementí. This yacht is surely


Marine motif mosaic in the Beach Club.

As the proprietor is a a success businessman, advanced onboard personal communique systems allow for uninterrupted commercial enterprise